Andy, Saskya Finland phone, mail, and travel directions
This page is for personal use and is not meant to be generally interesting.

This page tells you how to call us, mail things to us and how to get to us by Ferry, plane, or car. Also a nice hotel in Stockholm.


Saskya has been a full-time employee of the U of Helsinki since April 1997. Her field work is on the Swedish speaking island of Åland (pronounced Oh-lahnd), near Stockholm, where we spend every summer. Saskya telecommutes about 7.5 months per year. Andy telecommutes about 3 months per year. At present we live here, 10 kilometers South of Mariehamn. Exactly where? lattitude = 60.0245longitude = 19.9795 (in google maps just enter: 60.0245, 19.9795). That is 2 km NW from 60N, 20E. It is a nice spot in a nice area.  Here's a movie showing what it looks like.

Andy Ruina and Saskya van Nouhuys in Åland:
       (At noon in New York it's 7 PM in Finland.)

Call Andy free from the USA: 
This uses SkypeIn and calls Andy at his computer. If he's not there it forwards to his cell phone (at no cost to you) in whatever country he's in.

                   From USA call:        607 821-1442  (will forward to Andy, even if he is in Finland).
                                                   607 327-0013  (Andy's USA cell, usually forwards also).

Here are other options for calling us in Finland:

From outside Sweden and Finland (+ means dial 011 if you are in the USA)
 + 358 40 778-3435       (Andy's mobile)
 + 358 40 508-2549       (Saskya's mobile)
 + 358 40 813-6245       (Mieke's mobile)
 + 358 40 376 5576       (Guest mobile)
From Sweden
 00 358 40 778-3435     (Andy's mobile)
 00 358 40 508-2549     (Saskya's mobile)
 00 358 40 813-6245     (Mieke's mobile)
 00 358 40 376 5576     (Guest mobile)
From Finland (or from an Åland cell)
 040 778-3435               (Andy's mobile phone)
  02 3619 2230              (Skype-in, forwards to skype)
040 508-2549               (Saskya's mobile phone) 
 040 813-6245               (Mieke's mobile phone)
 040 376 5576               (Guest mobile)

Our address in Finland

For mail *Don't* use FedeX or other Couriers: they take 7-10 days and cause customs trouble.
mail deals are First Class USPS for small things and USPS Global Priority Mail ($12 for up to 4 lbs in a 9.5"x12" envelope).
Address starting May 17, 2010:

Saskya van Nouhuys or Andy Ruina (your choice)
Kedholmsvägen 17         
22160 Mariehamn
Åland, FINLAND      (use +358 40 778-3435 for phone number on package)

Driving directions to our house.

TRAVELING TO ÅLAND (ferry, plane, car):

Ferry: There are 3.5 Ferry companies serving Åland several times a day from Finland (Helsinki and Turku=Abo) and Sweden (Stockholm, Kapelskar and Grissleham), with more boats and shorter transit from Sweden. All of these Ferry lines have offices at the main Stockholm Bus/train station. They all carry cars. Buses and trains get you to the terminals for the various Ferries at the right times. A two hour train takes you from Helsinki to Turku. A 90 minute bus goes from Stockholm to Kapelskar. A 2 hour bus goes from Stockholm to Grissleham. The three destination points on our island are Mariehamn (best, close to us, just 7 km), Langnass (45 minute drive from us, no public transit), and Eckero (second best, 45 minute public bus or drive).

Viking Line   (red boats)
Silja Line: (white and blue boats, now sometimes called Tallink Line)

These two lines have many almost identical ships and schedules, Silja/Tallink is a shade more upscale. The ships go back and forth from Finland to Sweden, stopping in Åland for a few minutes. These ferries are something boats. Gambling cruise ships. The ticket is an absurdly low $12 or so round trip. You can spend money on board for many things. You can get a room with beds. The ride from Stockholm is about 5 hours and from Finland about 8 hours. The four hours of the ride closest to Stockholm is quite scenic. The whole ride from Helsinki or Turku is scenic.  The departure from Stockholm is more convenient on the Viking Line; a bus to the boat leaves from the central bus terminal.

ÅlandsFerry: is one boat, now part of Viking line. It only goes back and forth between Sweden and Åland. You ride a bus for 90 minutes from Stockholm to Kapelskar and then the boat for 2 hours. It goes to Mariehamn. The ride is not as pretty as that for the big boats from Stockholm but the schedule is often more convenient. The bus leaves from Stockholm 110 minutes before the ferry departure from Kapeskar (pronounced Kapelshar).

Eckero Line:  

One (relatively) small boat goes back and forth between Grissleham Sweden and Eckero on Åland. Many trips a day. A one hour non-scenic boat ride. The bus from Stockholm to Grissleham is about 2 hours, the bus from Eckero to Mariehamn (near us) is about 45 minutes. The best schedule, the fastest, the least nice. You can buy a ticket for the bus and boat in the Stockholm Central bus station. A reasonable option if you have a car.

By plane: (Mariehamn airport code is MHQ) small planes go to Stockholm and Helsinki a few times a day.


From Stockholm airport Arlanda, to central bus station (connection point for Ferries):
At airport arrival, after you clear customs and get your luggage you walk into the public area. From that
spot you could be on a train within 5 minutes and on a bus within 2 minutes, buying tickets (at a surcharge) on board.
The train is to your left and down down down some escalators. The buses are outside directly in front of you and
slightly to your right. For both you should buy tickets at the information booth to your right if you have time
(take a number for the queue).

Bus, Flygbusarna: About $13 (110 Kroner). 40 minute ride. Leaves about every 10 minutes.
So you will be at the bus station 42-52 minutes after you walk out the front door
of the airport. Traffic delays can add 30 minutes. Pay on the bus  with a credit
card. You catch the bus right outside the airport at the main level. It goes straight
to the central bus station (last stop).

SWE BUS: Just like above, but a bit faster usually.

Train, Arlanda Express: About $20 (about 170 Kroner). 20 minute ride. Leaves every 12-20 minutes.
So you will be at the bus station 25-45 minutes after you leave the main
airport lobby. After you pass from the luggage area to the terminal turn
left and follow signs to the Arlanda Express. Pay by credit card at
the electronic kiosk at the top of the escalator. If you are in a rush you can
pay more when you get on the train. When you arrive in Stockholm
(last stop) you are under the bus station. Walk in the direction the train was
going (South) into the train station. Then turn around and take
the escalators straight backwards up into the bus station.


City Terminal in Stockholm

Transitioning between the plane and the ferries you will inevitably spend time in the main
City Terminal (bus and train station). Be careful of thieves in the city terminal. One trick
is to dirty your luggage and then offer to help you clean it up.

Cafes are nice for sitting for hours. To your right as you come in from the bus, to your left
as you come up from the train.

Driving directions to our house from Mariehamn
         The house is marked on this google map (Or, in google maps just enter: 60.0243N 19.98E ).

Quick directions from Mariehamn:
  Go South on Ålandsvagen 9 km.
  Right on Granövägen.
  2nd dirt driveway on right (called Vikvalsvägen).
  Fork right on Skedholmsvägen.
  Turn right before crashing into gait in front of big white house.

Detailed directions from Ferry Terminal in Mariehamn:
*Go East from the Ferry terminal, away from the water, by any street, for about 0.6 km.
*Turn right (south) when you get to Ålandsvagen (Ohlahndsvagen) also called Järsövägen (Yarshehvagen).
*Go about 9 km, over several boulder semi-bridges with big water on right and left.
*When there is water visible on the left only, turn right on the road to Granö,
  called Granövägen. (Error? If you get to a T in the road before you see Granövägen
   you have got to Järsö, 0.7 km too far. Come back and turn left on Granövägen
* Take the second driveway on the right. This is about 0.6 km uphill from the turnoff, just opposite
    a line of about 10 mailboxes (ours is red). The driveway is labeled Vikvalsvägen.
    (Error? If you get to water on left and right you have gone 200m too far.)
* Immediately take the right fork of the driveway (sign says Skedholmsvägen)
* Turn right at the fence in front of a huge new white house with pavement.
   Just after the right you are going up a short steep bump with a wood fence on your left.
* You will see our garage first, then the house to the left (North) and downhill with the
   water behind it. The house has a glassed-in porch (with green double doors) on its right (East) side.


Map of Nåtö Nature trail.
Aerial photo, looking North to Mariehamn from Northern Nåtö, includes our former house and the Biological Station.