Below is how it looked in 2000-2001 when started by Andy Ruina.

 (Run by Francisco Valero Cuevas ( in 2001-2002).

Animal Coordination Mechanics
* Weekly lunch seminar (BYOF) * * Thursdays from 12:00-1:00. * * Thurston 204, Spring 2001 * ********************************** Updated: 4/04/01 Theme: What determines what muscles are (or are not) used when? especially as reflected in our present research interests. Hopefully these meetings will foster collaborations. Schedule: The very tentative, very subject to modification, spring order is (trades welcome, contact who you want to trade with). Jan 25 Organization Feb 1 Sean Carver: 3D path following of a hopping robot. Feb 8 cont'd cont'd
  Feb 15 Mario Gomes: Finding limit cycles of high dimensional systems Feb 22 Dave Cabrera: Optimization issues. March 1 Jane Wang: Discussion of animal coordination review article March 8 John Hermanson: How horses work, some muscle puzzles. March 15 Marc Schieber: (Rochester) Finger independence March 29 Alan Alda: Scientific American frontiers tape on neuro-prostheses April 5 Eric Phipps: Taylor Series soln of ODEs from Lagrangians
  April 12 Andy Ruina Avoid negative work and other vague thoughts April 19 Art Kuo: Something interesting and stimulating April 26 ? May 3 John Bertram: Walking and Brachiating Wolfgang Daunicht will give the TAM seminar on April 18 but can't stay for our April 19 animal meeting. Art Kuo will be here then. Who: The following people seemed interested in being involved with, or at least in being informed about, the seminar. Francisco Valero Cuevas, fv24, mechanics of fingers and hand coordination with applications to surgury, MAE professor. Madhusudhan Venkadesan,, 1st year MAE grad. Paul Wilson, pdw4, pulling on hand tendons, undergrad working with Francisco. Michal Weisman, mw79, hand mechanics, 3rd year undergrad. Vilma Aguilar, jar75, Jane Wang, zw24, fluid mechanics of insect flight, TAM professor. David Russel, dbr8, insect flight, 2nd year TAM grad student. Andy Ruina, alr3, energetics and stability of motion, especially loco-motion, TAM & MAE professor. Mario Gomes, mwg1, Passive Dynamics of Bracheation, 2nd year TAM graduate student. Carmel Majidi, csm23, coordination of children's swinging, 3rd year undergrad. Steve Collins, shc17, builing and understanding bipeds, junior undergrad. Michael Coleman,, passive mechanics of walking and bracheation, especially simple physical models, TAM post doc. David Cabrera, dsc16, Energetic optimization of rowing models and how the optimization criteria generates rowing motions that do or do not fit observed human data. Third year TAM student. Mariano Garcia,, Walking etc. PhD in Passive Dynamic walking in 1998. John Guckenheimer,, dynamics of locomotion, especially numerical methods. Math & TAM professor. Eric Phipps,, periodic orbits for locomotion, downhill skiing, 3rd year (?) CAM grad. Sean Carver,, hopping models and control of them, 4th (?) year Applied Math grad. John Hermanson, jwh6, biology of muscles, Biomedical Sciences professor. Jennifer Dearolf, jld37, Muscle use in Manite (sp?) breathing. Jennifer will be gone this semester but back in the spring. Ronald Hoy,, mostly insects, Neuroboilogy and Behavior professor. Manoj Srinivasan, ms285, 1st year TAM graduate student. Duncan Calloway,, TAM graduate student generally interested in the topics. Here is an email nickname file of all of the above: alr3,, fv24, pdw4, mw79, zw24, alr3, mwg1, csm23, shc17,, dsc16,,,, jwh6, jld37,, dbr8, ms285, jar75,, If there are others please have them get in touch with me to be added to the list. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% -Andy Ruina,