Where is Andy now? 

Google maps for Andy: Click here.
Not working as of Aug 26, 2019.
If you know how to make this work reliably, please let me know.

Only works if you have a google account.  And it seems a little unreliable.
If it doesn't work 
send Andy an email.  He (me) will try to reset it.

If Andy is not where he is supposed to be, call him @ 607 327-0013
    (or, if in summer, +358 40 778-3435), and say "Andy, where are you. This is [your name]. Weren't we supposed to be meeting now at [your present location]?".

How to do this yourself?

1) Start google maps on your phone. Go to the menu. Select "location sharing". Email the link to yourself.
Post it on your www page. This is an off-label usage, but seems to work.

2) I tried an App  called "Public Badge".  It only works for a week or so and then you have to restart it.

3) Similarly, another App called  
"Sharemylocation:gpstracker" needs to be restarted every few days.