Efficiency, Speed, and Scaling of Two-dimensional Passive-dynamic Walking (PDF)

Garcia, M., Chatterjee, A., Ruina, A.
Dynamics and Stability of Systems, Vol. 15, No. 2, Pages 75-99, 2000

Picture of Kneed Walker

Youtube: Animation, by Dan Jung (MOV) (415 KB)
Download Screen Shot of Video

Dan Jung created an animation of a Working Model
version of the 2D Kneed Walker as part of his undergraduate project at the Biorobotics and Locomotion Lab at Cornell.

Kneed Walker
Screen Shot of Video

Youtube: Guide to launching a McGeer walker (MOV) (9.7MB)
Download: Guide to launching a McGeer walker (MOV) (9.7MB)
Screen Shot of Video
A video by Cornell M-Eng Student Matt Haberland in Spring 07.