Recycle Ithaca's Bicycles, RIBs

Andy Ruina worked to get this program organized from spring 1991 untill the summer of 1996. From then on he has served as an occasional, less and less so as the years go on, advisor.

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Here are some RIBs related things.

Policies. An 11 page, pdf (112K)
By-Laws. A three page scanned pdf (600K) .
Bike form. One page form filled out for each bike that is earned. A 50K .pdf file.
Helmet form. One page form for each helmet. A 50K .pdf file.
Patch directions. Patching a tube is remarkably difficult for beginners. Here are some sure-fire directions.

Pump Station. Building floor plan, layout, inside and outside photos. A 600K .pdf file.

Other bike things:

Dave Nutters history of the bike plan

Essay advocating that bicycles are more like pedestrians than cars.

New York State Laws about pedestrians.