MAE 6700, Spring 2016
Advanced Dynamics
Instructor: Andy Ruina,   <>      

Advanced dynamics of particles and rigid objects with emphasis on 3 dimensions and complex multi-object systems. Topics include: Hamilton's principle and Lagrange equations, dynamics of mixed lumped and discrete systems, 3D rolling contact. Examples will come from celestial mechanics, machines, robotics and vehicle dynamics.  

This is the second in a two-course sequence. The first is Inermediate Dynamics and Vibrations, MAE 4735/5735. This new pair replaces the former MAE 4770/5770 (Vibrations) and the former TAM 5700 (Intermediate Dynamics). More information.

Course information

Lectures: MWF 11:15-12:05  Olin 145
Office hours: Posted on Ruina's home page.
Syllabus: Rough approximation is the Syllabus  from 2013
selected from these problems.
Final project is a complete solution set with animations.
Lecture notes:   
2014 Bryan Peele,    2013 Hartino,    M2013 Maniatopoulos.
Course Piazza page:    Homework and discussions.

Some Resources

1. A book on Dynamics at a higher level than Ruina and Pratap, e.g. Greenwood.
2. Dennis Bernstein's online book. Bernstein is compulsive about clear notation for reference frames etc. (Write to author, no public link.)
3. Murray, Li and Sastry, A Matematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation, 1994. Another rather formal approach.
4. Dave Baraff's Physically based modeling notes.
5. Dave Block's out-of-print book on tensors "A vector is a vector." (H.D. Block, Introduction to tensor analysis (pdf))
6. Savransky's Matlab stuff for rotations.

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