Cornell TAM Seminars for Fall 02 and Spring 03 
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Organizer: Andy Ruina <>
Logistics/lodging/re-imbursement/travel contact: Sreemati Mukherjee <> Contents of this page I. Scheduled speakers II. Accepted speakers not yet scheduled III. Invited but not yet accepted speakers IV. People to possibly invite V. To put off to 2003-2004 academic year VI. Invited speakers who can't come at all


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%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% This page was updated Oct 31, 2002. I. Schedule 2002-2003 (Fridays at 2:30) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1. aug 30 Leigh Phoenix, TAM Cornell, (bullet proof vest design and principles) Host = Healey 2. sep 6 Richard James, Minnesota,, Host = Healey, "Deforming films of active materials: new concepts for producing
motion at small scales."
3. sep 13 Alan Gent, Univ of Akron,, "Elastic Instabilities in Rubber: Aneurysms, Wrinkles and Knots", host = Hui 4. sep 20 Mark Psiaki, MAE Cornell,, host=Sharma "Applied Satellite Attitude Dynamics for Estimation, Control, and Design of Deployment Mechanisms" 5. sep 27 Thomas Eisner, ROOM CHANGE:, Kimball B-11,, Host = Wang
(Some ways bugs apply mechanics). 6a. Oct 3 Steve Wolfram, Wolfram LLC,, 9:00-10:00 AM, Thurston 203, Host = Ruina "A New Kind of Science: Some Mechanics Perspectives" 6b. oct 3 Rodney Ruoff, (joint TAM/Mat Sci seminar) Mechanics, Northwestern., (nanotubes). Host = Zhender. 6c. oct 4 Terry Alfriend, Texas A&M,, Host = Burns.
"Dynamics and Control of Formation Flying Satellites" 7. oct 11 John Soechting, Minnesota,, TAM PhD., "Grasping straws and other virtual objects" Host= Ruina. (Wed, Thurs@Ruina's. Fri,Sat downtown) 8. oct 18 Paul Steif, MAE, CMU,, host=hui (Engineering education and the real world.)
9. oct 25 Tarunraj Singh, MAE SUNY Buffalo, Host = Rand
(nonlinear dynamics and control)
10. nov 1 Mike Shelley, Courant Institute,, host = Wang (Interactions between filaments and unsteady
fluids drag reduction, evolution of filaments in fluids).
11. nov 8 Maxim Zalalutdinov (middle story on page) (date flexible),, "High frequency optical MEMS" Cornell AEP post-doc, Host= Zehnder.
12. nov 15 Manfred Lindau, AEP Cornell. (biophysics),, Host = Wang "The mechanics of hormone release"
13. nov 22 Jim Marden, Penn State, JHM10@PSU.EDU, host= Wang, housing: Ruina (Insect flight),
14. dec 6 -
---------- 15. jan 24 Wendy Crone, Wisconsin , host = Zhender "Plastic Deformation at a Notch Tip in Ductile Single Crystal Metals:
The Influence of Crystallographic Orientation, Initial Yield, and Hardening" 16. jan 31 Steven Strogatz, host = ruina "The Math Life: A Documentary" - a movie 17. feb 7 Chris Myers, Cornell Theory Center,, Host = Ruina "Systems biology through the back door: function, evolvability, and collaboration in software systems and biochemical networks"
18. feb 14 Yi-Chao Chen, Texas,, Host = Healey "Dynamic Behavior of Shape Memory Alloys under Impact Loads"
19. feb 21 David Mermin, Cornell, Physics,, Host = Burns.
"Quantum Computation for People Who Don't Know Quantum Mechanics
20. feb 28 Anand Jagota, Dupont,, hust = Hui "Manipulating Carbon Nanotubes Using Biological Molecules" 21. mar 7 Marty Dunn, U of Colorado, Martin.Dunn@Colorado.EDU, Host = Hui. (Fracture experiments and theory)
22. mar 14 Jose-Miguel Pasini (TAM, Cornell University)
"Shifting Sands: Physical Processes in Dune Formation and Migration"
Host: Ruina
23. mar 28 Tom Witten, U of Chicago,, host=Wang, Housing: Ruina "The focusing puzzle in crumpled elastic sheets". 24a apr 3, Anna Vainchtein (University of Pittsburgh)
"On nucleation peak and hysteresis in a discrete model of phase transisitons"
Host: Healey 24b. apr 4 Anders Andersen (TAM, Cornell University)
"The Bathtub Vortex" Host: Wang 25. apr 11 Ann Marie Sastry (University of Michigan)
Host: Mukherjee
26. apr 18 David Wright, UCS, Host = Ruina "Theoretical and never Applied Mechanics of Nuclear Missile Defense"

27. apr 25 Jordi Garcia Ojalvo (CAM, Cornell University)
"Noise-induced order in nonlinear media ", Host: Steve Strogatz 28. may 2 Daniel Scheeres,, Michigan, Host = Sharma "The Full Two-Body Problem and the Dynamics of Binary Asteroids" (co-sponsored by dept of Astronomy?)
II. Accepted SPEAKERS (not yet scheduled) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Tom O'Rourke, CEE, Cornell,, Host = Jenkins "Mega Project Case History of Applied Mechanics and Materials: The Boston Big Dig". Fathi Namouni,, Southwest Research Institute, Host = Burns (celestial mech, 3 body problem), Aug 14: "I haven't yet planned trips to the East Coast. I'll let you know as soon as possible." Jim Papadopoulis (click on facilities=>bald head), Northern Engraving, Wisconsin,, Host = ruina ("1) real problems that used my mechanics expertise, 2) relation between academic mechanics and real world mechanics")

Charles Williamson, MAE Cornell, (Fluid Mechanics experimental results), (busy in fall, sometime in spring) Host = Wang. Sarah Billington, C&EE Cornell,, Host = Zehnder. (materials failure), (baby coming in early fall, so will schedule for late fall or spring). Claire Farley, Colorado,, Host = Coleman (in Vermont!!). (how people run and jump, biomechanics) (tentative accept, depends on finding another East Coast trip). Joe Bendik, Dynamic Intelligence Inc.,, host = ruina (The inventor discusses the Euler Disk Toy and other things) (busy in fall, will work on scheduling for spring in mid-September) Ares Rosakis, Caltech. (fracture experiments), Host = Zehnder (will discuss scheduling in mid September) Geoffrey West, Santa Fe Institute / Los Alamos
National Laboratory,, host = IGERT, Daniel E. Pendleton" <>, (biological scaling) III. Invited but not yet committed ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Harry Soodak, Columbia, Physics,, host = Sharma (Motions of tops) Kurt Wiesenfeld, Physics, georgia tech, (Christiaan Huygens's 1665 study of coupled pendula) (Not available in Fall, spring?) Joint with IGERT, host=strogatz Mory Gharib, Caltech,, MAE interested?, Host = Wang
(fluid and biofluids experiments). John Doyle, Caltech,, Host = Abrams (HOT, Highly Optimized Tolerence, Self Organized Criticality, Complex Systems) "Schedule this year looks grim." K J Waldron, Stanford, Host=Sharma (robotics, locomotion)

Jens Österlund, Stockholm, FFA,, Host = Ruina (Development of a human powered hydrofoil with no moving parts) Sunil Saigal, (cancelled in Spring 03) Carnegie Mellon, "Particle methods for fragmentation", Host = Mukherjee R. McNeill Alexander, Leeds, Host = ruina. (biomechanics) "No USA trips planned this year." IV. Possibilities (not yet invited)
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Michael Dennis, Cornell, History, (history of computation), host = Burns
Margaret Rossiter, Cornell History, (History of Women in Science) Host = Burns. V. For 2003-2004 season (provisionally accepted invitation) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ April 9, 2004 Rick Neptune, UT Austin, (Biomechanics & dynamics), Host = Gomes apr 25, 2003 David Steigmann,, M.E. Berkeley, hosts = rosakis, healey Tentative title: 'Polyconvexity criteria for elastic solids in terms of the right stretch tensor.' VI. Can't give a seminar ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^