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T&AM, Office/lab is 566 Upson Hall, Cornell, Ithaca NY, 14853;
Office/lab: 607-327-0013 Skype-in-from-Finland: +358 2 3619 2230
227 Bryant Ave, Ithaca, NY 14850, 607-327-0013, skype from USA: 607 821-1442, or Finland home
January 13, 1953
Former homes

Providence RI (x2), Menlo Park CA, Cambridge MA (x2), Champagne IL, Arlington/Alexandria VA, Chevy Chase MD,
Lexington MA, Israel, Helsinki, The Åland Islands.
Jack and Edith
Ellen (Zach, Caroline)
Rachel (Andy, Josh, Coby, Sophie)
Saskya van Nouhuys,, cell: 607-327-0014
Dirk & Whitney van Nouhuys
Daughter 1:
Annemieke (Mieke) (born 8/30/93)
Daughter 2:
Prachi (born about 9/6/01)
Text co-author: Rudra Pratap (RP),,
phone: 011 91 80 344 1552(h), 011 91 80 344 2671(w)

Finland    How to call me, mail to me, or get to me in Finland
Long summers from 1997-2012 have been spent on an island in the Baltic Sea.The Finnish Åland islands near Stockholm are where Saskya, my wife, studies wasps that lay eggs in butterfly larvae. The possible coming extinction of these butterflies is being carefully monitored in a massive ecological study (see

India:   Contact info in India
Five times in the past several years I have gone to India. Four times to work on a textbook with Rudra Pratap in Bangalore and once to adopt our new baby Prachi in Pune. Saskya and Mieke came twice.

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