Tinkertoy walker

An Uncontrolled Toy That Can Walk But Cannot Stand Still (Tinkertoy Walker) (PDF)

Coleman, M, Ruina, A.
Physical Review Letters April 1998, Vol 80, Issue 16 pp. 3658 - 3661
This paper describes how to build a 3D Tinkertoy walking model that is, as far as we know, the first passive walker that cannot stand.

Prediction of Stable Walking for a Toy That Cannot Stand Still (PDF)

Mombauer, K., Coleman, M., Garcia, M., Ruina, A.
2001. Physical Review E, Volume 64, Issue 2, August
Error Analysis of the Stability Calculation (PDF)
Coleman, M., Ruina, A., Chatterjee, A.
(Not for publication)

Youtube Tinkertoy Walker (MPG) (8.1 MB)
Screen shot of video

To build your own

  1. Go to http://www.amazon.com
  2. Search for Tinkertoy King Size
  3. Click on Tinkertoy King Size (122 Pieces)
Note that the green hinges are now purple.

Schematic (EPS) (70 KB)