A Benchmark for Bicycle Motion
(linearized ODEs)

JBike6 is a computer program that determines the stability of bicycles. You can enter information about the shape and mass distribution of a bicycle, and JBike6 calculates the speeds at which that bicycle is stable all by itself, with no control.

In particular, JBike6 calculates the eigenvalues (i.e., perturbation-growth exponents: λ in solutions of the form q = veλt), for an idealized, uncontrolled bicycle. It then plots these linearized perturbation-growth eigenvalues over a range of forward speeds. For example, the bike shown at the right is self-stable in the region of speeds (between 5.3 and 8 m/s) where both dark blue lines are below the x-axis.

Before we go any further, however, here are a few caveats you should know:

The equations used in JBike6 are benchmarked exhaustively in a paper by A. L. Schwab, J. P. Meijaard, and J. M. Papadopoulos.

JBike6 has a graphical user interface (screen shot) and comprehensive on-line help.

If working on bicycle or motorcycle development or research, use JBike6 to:

JBike6 was created by:

Download a copy for free. Requires MATLAB, by The MathWorks, version 6.0 or higher.

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Last updated February 8, 2015

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