Efficient Powered Bipedal Robots

Efficient Bipedal Robots Based on Passive Dynamic Walkers (PDF)

Steve Collins, Andy Ruina, Russ Tedrake, Martijn Wisse
Science Magazine, Vol. 307, Pages 1082-1085, 18 Feb 2005
includes supplementary "online" material)

Picture of members

From left to right: Martijn Wisse, Russ Tedrake, Steve Collins, and Andy Ruina

More about the Cornell robot, one of the three described in the paper above, is in this conference paper:

A Bipedal Walking Robot with Efficient and Human-Like Gait (PDF)
Steve Collins, Andy Ruina
ICRA, May 2005
Press (radio interviews too) about these robots (40MB zipped folder)

More information, including videos of fully passive robots, is at the authors respective web sites:

Youtube | Download: Cornell Powered Biped (Collins, Ruina)(MOV) (8.4 MB)
Screen Shot of Video

Youtube | Download: Delft Powered Biped (Wisse) (MOV) (9.3 MB)
Screen Shot of Video

Youtube | Download: MIT Learning Biped (Tedrake) (MOV) (17.7 MB)
Screen Shot of Video